University of Oregon

Arts and Administration Program

Undergraduate Program


The Arts Management BA/BS degree program and the minor are designed for students with an interest in participating in, leading, and managing arts organizations and activities across the arts sector. Steeped in a culturally democratic orientation, the UO Arts and Administration Program emphasizes the importance of participation by all citizens in arts programs and believes in the value of arts leaders to promote the arts as integral to the everyday life of the community and to building a sense of the unique character of place.

The BA/BS degree program offers students the opportunity to pursue in-depth studies in the arts and humanities, in the framework of a liberal arts education, and to develop the skills required to effectively work in the creative sector. 

The Arts Management Minor emphasizes the cultural, economic, social, and ethical environment in which the arts thrive. Coursework in arts administration focuses on arts philosophy, arts education, cultural programming, management, funding, and business development as core areas of competency paired with specialized courses in the visual arts, performing arts, and community arts management. Students from diverse disciplines—including theater, music, dance, art, education, sociology, anthropology, history, business, English, and family and human services—minor in arts management in order to expand their knowledge of the wide variety of management careers available in the arts sector.

Advice on a Minor in Arts Managment from a Recent U.S.News Article

"Rounding out a liberal arts major with a minor is one way to make it relate to the professional world more clearly, say experts. For example, at Roger Williams, the dance program is strong, says Farish.​ "But not a whole lot of folks will make a living on Broadway as a dancer," he says. Farish recommends rounding out that major with one offered in arts management, which can help students learn to run the back office of a dance company or start their own dance studios."