University of Oregon

Arts and Administration Program

Undergraduate: Arts Management Minor

Prospective students must meet with an Arts Management undergraduate advisor.

Betsy Tanenbaum, Summer Advising; Performing Arts/Musical Theatre; Public Art; Arts in Healthcare
David Turner, Museum Management; Curating; Visual Arts; Galleries

Advice on a Minor in Arts Managment from a Recent U.S.News Article

"Rounding out a liberal arts major with a minor is one way to make it relate to the professional world more clearly, say experts. For example, at Roger Williams, the dance program is strong, says Farish.​ "But not a whole lot of folks will make a living on Broadway as a dancer," he says. Farish recommends rounding out that major with one offered in arts management, which can help students learn to run the back office of a dance company or start their own dance studios."