University of Oregon

Arts and Administration Program

Undergraduate: Arts Management Major

Prospective students must meet with an Arts Management undergraduate advisor. Please contact us at 

Program Overview

We give our students the power to positively affect not just their own future, but also the people, communities, and environments around them. In short, we empower them to make good. We believe that professional arts managers must be familiar with the social, economic, political, technical, and ethical contexts in which the arts flourish. We are dedicated to the principles of civic responsibility, environmental sustainability, international understanding, and cross-disciplinary education to affect positive social change.

The BA or BS in Arts Management is designed for students with an interest in participating in, leading, and managing arts organizations and activities across the arts sector.

Arts Managers are hired by...         

Museums Symphony orchestras     Theater companies
Community centers  Historical organizations  Art centers
Arts councils  Musical organizations Event promoters
Film companies    Galleries     Festivals
Dance companies Arts advocacy organizations     Community theaters
Public television and radio    Other related not for profit organizations  

…to perform duties such as artistic programming, fundraising and development, grant writing, marketing, arts learning, outreach, audience development, community engagement, box office and membership management and event or performance production management.

What You’ll Learn

Learning outcomes for the B.A/B.S. in Arts Management are as follows:

  • The nature of the creative process; how art and the artist function in society
  • The economic, political and social environment for the arts
  • The local arenas in which arts organizations exist
  • The arts’ impact capacities within an international environment
  • The importance and potential of technology
  • The impact of demographic diversity and multiculturalism
  • The ethical issues confronting arts managers

Upon completing an undergraduate degree in Arts Management, students should possess foundational knowledge for arts administration in the following areas:

  • Basic business skills:  Accounting, financial management, organizational theory and practice
  • The financial and legal needs and realities of arts organizations
  • The production and presentation of art
  • Marketing strategies and outreach programming for the arts
  • Resource development for the arts

Program Requirements

Major Requirements (64 credits of the total 180 credits required for B.A./B.S.)

Required AAD Courses for BA/BS Major (36 Cr) Required Arts/Humanities Survey Courses (12 Cr) Required creative practice, arts or humanities courses (16 Cr)

AAD 301 Understanding Arts and Creative Sector (4 cr)

AAD 312 Arts Management (4 cr)

AAD 315 Funding the Arts (4 cr)

AAD 420 Event Management   (4 cr)

AAD 422 Cultural Programming (4 cr)

PPPM 422 Grant Writing (1 cr)

PPPM 481 Fundraising for Nonprofits (4 cr)

AAD 409 Practicum (min 3 credits)

One of the following:

AAD 471 Performing Arts Management (4 cr)

AAD (410) 475 Performing Arts Industry (4 cr)

AAD (410) 427 Planning Interpretive Exhibits (4 cr)

AAD 451 Community Cultural Development (4 cr)


Plus one more 4 credit AAD course

(These may be completed as lower-division or upper-division courses). 

Other similar groups of courses may be selected with adviser approval.


MUS 267 Survey of Music History I

MUS 268 Survey of Music History II

MUS 269 Survey of Music History III


ARH 204 History of Western Art I

ARH 205 History of Western Art II

ARH 206 History of Western Art III


ARH 207 History of Indian Art

ARH 208 History of Chinese Art

ARH 209 History of Japanese Art


TA 367 History of the Theater I

TA 368 History of the Theater II

TA 369 History of the Theater III


FLR 411 Folklore and Religion

FLR 412 Folklore of Subcultures

FLR 413 Folk Art and Material Culture


DAN 251 Looking at Dance

DAN 453 Ballet from the Courts to Balanchine

DAN 454 Evolution of Modern Dance

16 credits by completing a group of creative practice, arts, or humanities courses in a cluster such as visual arts, performing arts, or humanities.

This group of courses may be selected from art, digital arts, history of art and architecture, historic preservation, acting, dance, music performance, creative writing, history, anthropology, or other similar groups of courses (these may be completed as lower-division or upper-division courses).  This group of courses must be approved by the Arts Management program academic adviser.


Requirements for the B.A. (27 cr)

27 credits (two years) of a foreign language. First and second year completion French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Additional options for completing this requirement exist; see UO B.A. requirements.

Requirements for the B.S. (12 cr)

12 credits in mathematics or computer and information science courses. At least 12 credits in mathematics or computer and information science, or a combination of the two, are required for the B.S. degree.  See UO B.S. requirements for options.