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Summer Intensive Program - Mobilizing Local Culture: Portland, OR

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June 22­­–27, 2015
University of Oregon in Portland, White Stag Block
9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Room 150

What can we learn from the Portland experience — artist/maker movement, built environment, community culture — and how can that inform the growth and vitalization of other communities?

In this intensive field-based workshop we’ll explore many aspects of Portland’s local artisan economy including the influence of public planning, the built environment, the artist/maker movement, community cultural development, and the forces of microeconomics in creating a vibrant city.

Key Topics and Issues

  • artisan/creative economies
  • collaboratives and guilds
  • urban and regional cultural planning
  • neighborhood development, including gentrification
  • place-making and place-keeping
  • culture and sustainability
  • food cultures, microbreweries, craft distilleries
  • public art
  • advocacy and policy development


  • lecture, panel discussions, student-centered group projects
  • discussions with civil leaders, organizers, cultural entrepreneurs, arts managers
  • visits to neighborhoods, businesses, organizations
  • evening outings and events

Intended Audience

Graduate and undergraduate students, cultural sector managers, planners, community developers, neighborhood activists, architects, community and cultural sector volunteers and employees, and others interested in local economies and using culture to make a difference in communities.

About the Instructor 

Bill Flood is a Portland Program Development Coordinator and an instructor at the UO Arts and Administration Program, School of Architecture and Allied Arts. He is a community cultural development consultant with twenty-five years of experience working with public and private nonprofit organizations. Bill’s role with this class is highly facilitative. He brings together a variety of knowledgeable and fascinating speakers and creates an enriching environment to provide a hands-on learning experience for students.

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Registration is available online or by calling 541-346-4231 or 800-824-2714.

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