University of Oregon
Arts and Administration Program

Summer Intensive Program - Mobilizing Local Culture: Portland, OR


Intended Audience:

This workshop is designed for both professionals and students interested in using culture to make a difference in communities. Participants may include cultural sector managers and others (planners, community developers, architects, artists/cultural workers) seeking to understand current issues in the professional field of cultural planning and development.


This intensive, weeklong arts management workshop will showcase the ways in which Portland, Oregon has mobilized local culture to make a difference in neighborhoods across the city. The focus will be on understanding the culture of a community through the lens of community development.  Portland, Oregon is a community known for its focus on quality of life and the creative economy and is a perfect backdrop for exploring how mobilizing local culture contributes to a vibrant, livable city. Instructor and community cultural development consultant, Bill Flood, is shaping this workshop around daily visits to Portland’s neighborhoods. Students will engage in stimulating discussions with a range of civic leaders, organizers, cultural entrepreneurs and arts managers.

The workshop will set a historical and theoretical framework around key topics and issues, then utilize local experts/practitioners to demonstrate successful local organizing, problem solving, and innovative cultural management practices. Participants will have opportunity each day to apply concepts learned in class and through fieldwork to their particular areas of interest through this highly interactive workshop.


Key Topics and Issues:

  • urban and regional planning, cultural planning
  • listening and facilitation
  • artisan/creative economies
  • equity and inclusion
  • collaborative practices
  • public art
  • culture and sustainability
  • DIY and local arts industries (music, fashion, publishing)
  • critical reflection
  • food cultures, microbreweries, craft distilleries
  • evaluating success
  • advocacy and policy development

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