University of Oregon

Arts and Administration Program


The Emerging Leaders in the Arts Network (ELAN) and the Student Advisory Group (SAG) are AAD student-led organizations that represent the academic and professional interests of students in connection with their experience in the AAD Program and the field of arts administration.

ELAN's work is focused on community engagement and professional development opportunities for current students and alumni and is open to  non-AAD students with substantial interest in the arts and culture sector. SAG represents AAD students exclusively and serves as a liaison between students and faculty/staff regarding academic and programmatic structure, goals, experiences, and outcomes.

Together, ELAN and SAG serve to represent the needs and interests of prospective and current students and alumni in connection with the AAD Program. Membership in both is exclusive to the University of Oregon.

*Note: Both ELAN and SAG officers are elected by current AAD students at the end of each school year. Aside from one position in SAG and another in ELAN, all positions are reserved for AAD students in their second year of the program or beyond.