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Scholarships and Fellowships

Graduate Student Scholarships 

The scholarships described below are only available to students who are currently enrolled as Arts Management graduate students in the Arts and Administration Program at the University of Oregon. Various scholarships to support research, travel, and internships are available to enrolled Arts & Administration Graduate Students. Not all awards are available each year.

Some scholarship awards are available through a competitive application process, where other awards are determined through nomination by faculty. The scholarship descriptions below will indicate whether the scholarship can be applied for or whether it is awarded through a faculty nomination process. Questions about scholarships can be directed to Cindy Lundeen at

Fall Awards
Student Research Award (CCACP—up to two awards in the amount of $500 to support research travel for students’ master’s research) Awarded for an excellent second-year research proposal, based on work conducted in AAD 631 Research Proposal. Awarded by application; proposals must be submitted by Friday of Week 6 of fall term.

Winter Awards
AAD Research Award (AAD—one scholarship in the amount of $500). Awarded for an excellent first-year research concept, based on work conducted in AAD 630 Research Methods. Awarded by faculty nomination.

Spring Awards
Effie Lu Fairchild Scholarship (AAD—one scholarship up to $1,000). Awarded for research excellence in recreational or educational arts to candidates with a career objective of working with youth in recreation and/or arts and cultural programming. Awarded by application; proposals must be submitted by Friday of Week 6 each spring.

The James J. and Kathryn B. Walton Award (AAD—up to two awards annually, $500 to $1,000). Awarded for terminal research excellence based on final research presentation and completion of research document. Awarded by faculty nomination.

Connie West Arts Discovery Travel Award (AAD—up to $1,000). Awarded every 3 years (awarded next in spring 2017). Awarded for planned travel associated with the student’s course of study. Student must have a financial need as defined by the UO Student Financial Aid and Scholarship Office. Awarded by application; proposals must be submitted by Friday of Week 6 in spring 2017.

Year-Round Awards
Conference Presentation Award (CCACP—up to two awards in the amount of $500). Awarded to support students presenting a research paper at a conference. AAD students should first submit their proposal to their research adviser, who will present it to the full AAD faculty for a decision. Decisions are based on faculty recommendations, and awards throughout the year are made on a first-come first-served basis. Use the attached APPLICATION COVER SHEET to submit your request to your academic advisor.

Conference Participation Award (CCACP—up to five awards of $300 each, and AAD—up to ten awards of $300 each). Awarded to help offset the expenses associated with attending academic and professional conferences. Awarded by application at the end of each term; proposals must be submitted by Week 6 of the term.

Basic Criteria for Faculty Evaluation of Excellence in Research/Conference Participation/Travel Opportunity

  • Significance and originality of research topic/conference participation/travel opportunity
  • Level of critical engagement with the research topic/ conference participation/travel opportunity
  • Conceptualization of the research topic and research design/purpose for conference participation/relevance of travel opportunity
  • Scope, depth, and extent of research pertaining to the topic/ conference participation/travel opportunity as it relates to research and/or career objectives
  • (Potential) significance of the research findings/conference participation/travel opportunity; contribution to the field
  • Written and oral presentation skills, when applicable

For application packet, click here. 

Approved October 2012, subject to revision

Graduate Fellowships 

The AAD Program and CCACP have a total of 13 terms of graduate fellowship support that are offered exclusively to graduate students in the AAD Program. The Fellowship call goes out each year in the spring for awards given in the following academic year. Generally, Fellowships in AAD are favored toward second year students in the program. However, we encourage those applicants who have been accepted into the AAD Program and who have accepted our offer of admission by April 15 to apply for graduate fellowship positions available through AAD and CCACP.

All in-coming and continuing graduate students in the AAD Program are eligible to apply for Graduate Fellowships that are advertised on the Graduate Student job board. Many in-coming and continuing AAD students are able to secure Fellowship positions in offices and departments across the university. We encourage eligible students to search Fellowship offers on the Grad School website on a regular basis. Positions are available throughout the year.

Graduate Fellowship Openings are available here.

Other UO Scholarships and Awards

Laurel Award
The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural and Cultural History at the University of Oregon offer Laurel Award Internships, which provide hands-on experience in museum education. Graduate students interested in museum careers or in learning more about the functions of an art museum or a natural and cultural history museum are invited to apply. Applications are due in spring for awards given in the following academic year.

Contact Ann Craig, Asst. Director of Education at UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History,


Contact Lisa Abia-Smith, Director of Education at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art,

A&AA Scholarships
AAD students are eligible for scholarships and awards offered through the School of Architecture & Allied Arts (A&AA). Visit the A&AA Scholarships and Awards page regularly for details and deadlines.

University Scholarships
The University of Oregon offers several scholarships and awards throughout the year for which AAD students are eligible. Visit the UO Student Financial Aid and Scholarships webpage for details and deadlines.