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CultureWorkCultureWork is an electronic publication of the University of Oregon Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy. Its mission is to provide timely workplace-oriented information on culture, the arts, education, policy, and community.

October 2014: Vol. 18, No 4. – Community Development in the Context of Art: North Park and the Citizen Artist – Lynn Susholtz and Leslie Ryan

The Fall 2014 issue of CultureWork: A Periodic Broadside for Arts & Culture Workers focuses on the active engagement of citizen artists committed to a specific neighborhood in San Diego, California.  How does one grow an arts organization while also growing and expanding an engaged local neighborhood through events, exhibits, and aesthetically pleasing experiences and surroundings...

July 2014. Vol. 18, No. 3. – Growing a Lotus in Indiana/Lotus World Music & Arts Festival: Developing a Volunteer CohortLuAnne Holladay and Tamara Loewenthal; John Fenn, Guest Editor

April 2014. Vol. 18, No. 2. – U.S. Workforce Policy Builds up ‘STEAM’ – Ann M. Galligan

January 2014. Vol. 18, No. 1. – Preserving a Hometown Corner for Posterity: Casita Rincón Criollo as a Traditional Cultural Property – Molly Garfinkel

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