University of Oregon

Arts and Administration Program


Tenured, Tenure Track

Doug Blandy, professor (community arts, cultural development, material culture studies, disability studies, arts education). BS, 1974, Ohio; MA, 1979, PhD, 1983, Ohio State. (1987)

Patricia Lambert, associate professor (cultural policy, performing arts management, arts in healthcare management). BM, 1990, Indiana University; MA, 1997, Webster University; MAS, 1998, International Center for Culture and Management; PhD, 2004, The Ohio State University. (2003)

Eleonora Redaelli, assistant professor (cultural policy, cultural planning, arts management education). Laurea in Filosofia (Summa cum laude), 1997, Università degli Studi di Milano; Diploma in Music Composition (Doctorate in Musical Art, DMA), 2000, Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi; PhD, 2008, The Ohio State University. (2013)



Date in parentheses at end of each entry is the first year on University of Oregon faculty.

Catherine Ballard, instructor, (arts education, community development, arts administration). BA, 1976, University of Hawaii; MA, 1982, Pepperdine University; PhD, 1990, University of Oregon. (2002)

David Bretz, instructor, (performing arts management, arts and disability, arts and athletics). BME, 1971, University of Denver; MS, 2002, University of Oregon.

Michael Bukowski, instructor, (visual arts education, controversies in the arts). BA, 1978, The Ohio State University; MFA, 1987, PhD, 1992, University of Oregon (2000)

Bill Flood, instructor, (community cultural development, arts particpation and evaluation, artisan economies). BSW, 1975, University of Missouri; MS, 1982, Pennsylvania State University. (1999)

Greg Gurley, senior instructor, (arts curriculum development and assessment, theatre for youth and child drama, theatre and interdisciplinary arts pedagogy). BA, 1979, LaGrange; MA, 1984, West Georgia; MA, 1997, Washington State University; PhD, 2006, Arizona State University. (2006)

Scott Huette, senior instructor, (arts entrepreneurship, art and contemplative practice, educational technology). BFA, 1993, Ohio University; MS, 1997, University of Oregon. (1998)

Darrel Kau, Instructor (arts marketing, performing arts management, arts funding ). Development Director at FOOD for Lane County. BM, 1991, MS, 1998, Oregon. (2000)

Alice Parman, courtesy instructor, (museum consulting, exhibit development, nonprofit management). BA, 1964, Rochester; MAT, 1965, Harvard; PhD, 1972, Chicago. (1988)

Julie Voelker-Morris, senior instructor, (gender, culture, and the arts; contemplative arts pedagogy; performing arts management). BA, 1996, Augustana College; MS, 2002, University of Oregon. (2002)

Betsy Tanenbaum, Instructor, (public art management, arts in healthcare, gender, culture & the arts, practicum). BA, 2005, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay; MS, 2008, University of Oregon. (2011)

David Turner, senior instructor, (museum and heritage studies, museum leadership and ethics, visual literacy, photographic history) BBA, 1971, Southern Methodist University, business administration; MA, 1974, University of Oregon, art history (2007)



Date in parentheses at end of each entry is the first year on University of Oregon faculty.

Lisa Abia-Smith, instructor and director of educational outreach at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (art and special populations, art and museum education, arts in healthcare) BA, 1989, Art, St. Mary’s College of California; MA, 1992, Museum Studies, John F. Kennedy University. (1997)

Kassia Dellabough instructor and director of Professional Outreach and Development for Student at UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts (creativity, arts entrepreneurship, career planning and professional development). BA, 1988, MS, 1989, PhD, 2011, University of Oregon. (1989)

Kristin Grieger, instructor and advisor in Professional Outreach and Development for Student at UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts (career planning and professional development) BA, 1994, University of California, San Diego; MS, 1996, University of Oregon. (2012)

Elizabeth Kallenbach, instructor and Anthropological Collections Manger at UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History (museum studies, collections care and preservation, ethnographic history and archaeology of the Northwest) BA, Anthropology, 1995, University of Vermont, MA, Anthropology with Museum Studies focus, 2003, California State University, Chico (2013)

Eric Schiff, instructor and technology coordinator and instructor at Eugene School District 4J (information technology, digital media, arts education). BA, 1977, MA, 1981, Oregon. (1988)

Robert Voelker-Morris, instructor and IT faculty consultant at UO Teaching and Learning Center (visual literacy; comic book, popular culture, and new media studies; educational technology). BS, 1992, Oregon State University; MS, 2003, University of Oregon (2003)