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AAD Professor Eleonora Redaelli Publishes New Article

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Eleonora Redaelli, Assistant Professor in Arts and Administration, has had her new article published in The Journal of General Education, which is a journal that "addresses the general education concerns of community colleges, four-year colleges, universities, and state systems." 

Redaelli's article is entitled "Educating for Participation: Democratic Life and Performative Learning." The full abstract of the article follows: 

"A democratic life is a form of associated living that requires people to participate in a pluralistic dialogue in different spheres of the civic society: government, community, and work. Higher education classes have a leading role in preparing students for participation in a democratic society; however, more could be done, in particular focusing on how students could learn participatory skills leveraging the diversity of large general education classes. In this article, I draw from Dewey’s definition of democratic life and clarify the basic participatory skills necessary to further democracy. On this ground, I develop a pedagogical framework combining the teaching and learning literature with the liberal education and communication literature and suggest some teaching principles subsumed under the notion of performative learning. Then I apply this framework, developing a series of teaching strategies for a general education class titled Art and Human Values, which exemplifies how performative learning can be applied in the classroom, teaching students basic participatory skills and preparing them for a democratic life."

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