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Arts and Administration Program

Julie Voelker-Morris

Julie Voelker-Morris Julie Voelker-Morris
Senior Instructor

Arts and Administration Program (AAD)
School of Architecture and Allied Arts (AAA)
University of Oregon

My instructional practice focuses on undergraduates in the Arts & Administration program, the Comics & Cartoon Studies minor, and First-Year Programs. In my courses, students encounter a wide range of creative visual and performative works that assist in making real, visible, and of continuing significance the concerns around managing arts and culture. Through analysis of arts and creative production methods as well as tools of self-reflection, students in my classes are asked to examine their personal orientation in society and how their roles contribute to concerns of equity, inclusion, and diversity within arts and culture management, research, and professional responsibilities.  Assignments based in creative production, critical object analysis, critical self-reflection, and guided discussions offer a balance between covering content and interpretive meaning making. I believe that such engagement with visual, material, and creative culture offers rich opportunities to study self and society, changing concerns of managing arts and culture, and to positively affect individual learners, arts business praxis, and community arts management while building on and celebrating human and cultural richness.

In addition to my instructional responsibilities, I serve as co-editor of CultureWork: A Periodic Broadside for Arts & Culture Workers for the Center for Community Arts & Cultural Policy.  I am also on the Advisory Board for ArtCore, a U.S. Department of Education grant that is developing a sustainable arts integration model to being implemented at five Lane County schools. I serve as a member of the editing team for Studies in Art Education, the premier research journal of the National Art Education Association.

My current research interests include contemplative pedagogy in the arts and culture classroom, the state of arts education policy and practice in Oregon, representations of comic book superheroes, and the history of large-scale theatrical pageants in the City of Eugene, Oregon. I have special interests in issues related to gender and art and various elements of performance, process, and production of identity.


Courses Taught

AAD 199: Portable Life Museum
AAD 199: Art Meets Science: Making the Invisible Visible
AAD 250: Art & Human Values
AAD 251: Art and Visual Literacy
AAD 252: Art and Gender
AAD 312: Arts Management
AAD 421/521: Cultural Programming
AAD 471: Performing Arts Management