University of Oregon

Arts and Administration Program

Concurrent/Consecutive One-Year Master's in Arts Management

This course of study is designed so that students are able to complete the forty-five required credits within one academic year.

Sample One-Year, 45-Credit Concurrent/Consecutive Master’s in Arts Management Curriculum

(AAD courses are offered for 4 credits unless otherwise indicated)

Fall Term (15 credits)

AAD 612         Cultural Administration

AAD 610         Arts Marketing, Media, and Communications I

AAD 631         Research Proposal Development (3 cr.)

And either:

AAD 550         Art in Society

or AAD 562    Cultural Policy


Winter Term (16 credits)

AAD 610         Arts Marketing, Media, and Communications II

PPPM 507      Financial Management for Arts Organizations

AAD 610         Professional Project I (3 cr)

AAD 604         Internship I (1 cr)

AAD Elective Course


Spring Term (14-16 credits)

AAD 522         Arts Program Theory

AAD 610         Professional Project II (3 cr)

AAD 609         Practicum (5 cr)

AAD Elective Course


For information about the 45-credit concurrent/consecutive master's, please contact Associate Professor Patricia Dewey Lambert at

The UO Graduate School has specific policies and procedures associated with applying for and receiving a current graduate degree that you must be familiar with. Please see their info on Concurrent Graduate Degree Programs.