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Arts and Administration Program


In line with the Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy's (CCACP) mission to conduct and disseminate policy-relevant research, CCACP produces a range of publications that address current issues, trends and findings within a broadly defined cultural sector. Coordinated by the Center’s director and administrative fellow, CCACP publications include annual publications, including the Annual Bulletin and Graduate Student Research Journal, CultureWork - a quartlerly digital broadshide, and ENGAGE enewsletter - a monthly update on research initiatives, publications, and events.



CultureWork is an electronic publication of the University of Oregon Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy. Its mission is to provide timely workplace-oriented information on culture, the arts, education, and community. For previous issues of CultureWork, visit the Previous Issues page. Prospective authors and illustrators please see the Submission Guidelines section.


Annual Bulletin

The Annual Bulletin orients colleagues, students, policy-makers and various constituents to the scholarship associated with the Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy (CCACP). The publication offers a snapshot of the range of research currently in progress under the auspices of the CCACP.


Annual Graduate Student Research Journal

The CCACP Graduate Student Research Journal profiles the research work of University of Oregon Arts and Administration Program (AAD) graduate students.  This journal provides a snapshot of the terminal theses, capstones, and projects completed during each academic year, and seeks to draw the attention of a larger audience to the excellent scholarship completed in AAD.  There are a wide variety of topics including museum studies, performing arts, community arts, media studies, cultural theory, cultural policy, and more.  The geopolitical scope extends beyond Eugene and Oregon, from local communities to state, regional, national, and international cultural issues.


ENGAGE eNewsletter

ENGAGE is the CCACP's newsletter that will keep you informed with the latest CCACP bulletins, projects, events, and activities happening throughout the year.  Affiliated faculty research initiatives are underway focusing on various issues pertaining to cultural tourism, including identity, place, economics, digital dimensions, and intercultural dialogue. Sign up for ENGAGE; and stay informed with the latest from the CCACP. 


Faculty Publications

Faculty in the Arts & Administration program have contributed to a wide body of knowledge through various scholarly articles and publications. Here we feature select publications from AAD faculty.