University of Oregon

Arts and Administration Program

Arts Management Minor through AAD Program


Program Overview

MasksStudents from all UO majors can minor in arts management. The Arts Management Minor is designed for students with an interest in participating in, leading, and managing arts organizations and activities across the arts sector.

Participatory Learning Experiences in the form of practicums with local arts organizations provide students with hands‐on learning opportunities that extend classroom learning into the community and provide students with important professional experiences and connections. For more information about practicum opportunites, go to the AAD Practicum Blog page

Course requirements encourage students to see the relationships between arts and culture, ethnicity, politics, economics, education, class, gender, age, and occupation. Students graduating with an Arts Management Minor are prepared to work in a variety of settings within the arts sector and to successfully implement methodologies for arts program development and arts administration across a range of formal and informal, for-profit, nonprofit and public arts organizations within a community.

The Arts Management Minor requires 28 credits** with grades of C+ or better.
A minimum of 20 credits must come from AAD courses. Up to 8 upper-division credits may come from your major area, with specific approval by the Arts Management Minor advisor.

AAD 312 Arts Management

Choose one course from
AAD 250 Art and Human Values (Group-satisfying course, arts and letters, Multi-cultural course, identity, pluralism, and tolerance)***
AAD 251 The Arts and Visual Literacy (Group-satisfying course, arts and letters, Multi-cultural course, identity, pluralism, and tolerance)***
AAD 252 Art and Gender (Group-satisfying course, arts and letters, Multi-cultural course, identity, pluralism, and tolerance)***

Choose one capstone course from

AAD 410 Planning Interpretive Exhibits
AAD 475 Performing Arts Industry
AAD 451 Community Cultural Development 

Students pursuing the Arts Management Minor complete a variety upper-division courses offered through the Arts and Administration (AAD) Program, such as the following:

AAD 301 Understanding Arts and Creative Sectors (Group-satisfying course, arts and letters)
AAD 315 Funding the Arts
AAD 409 Practicum (student selected with local organizations)
AAD 420 Event Management
AAD 421 Cultural Programming
AAD 425 Ethics in the Arts and Museums
AAD 429 Museum Education
AAD 434 The Artist Enrerpreneur
AAD 435 Arts Business Development
AAD 430 Youth Arts Curriculum and Methods
AAD 471 Performing Arts Management


At least 12 credits must be taken at the University of Oregon. Courses that the University of Oregon accept as transfer courses from other colleges or universities will only be accepted toward the minor with approval from the Arts Management Minor advisor.


Arts Management Minor students may pursue a participatory learning experience through Practicum credits. Practicums provide an opportunity to  gain hands-on experience. For more information about practicum opportunities, go to the AAD Practicum Blog page.

Advising and Applying for the Arts Management Minor

Prospective students must apply to pursue an Arts Management Minor. There are two advisors for the Arts Management Minor, each with different areas of exprtise and professional backgrounds in a variety of arts disciplines. The first step to applying for the Arts Management Minor is to set up a meeting with an advisor to discuss how the Arts Management Minor can meet your educational, professional, and personal goals.


How to Declare an Arts Management Minor

  1. Make an appointment to meet with an Arts Management Minor advisor: 
  2. Download the Arts Management Minor Packet
  3. Fill out the Intent to Add a Minor/Major and bring it with you to your first advising meeting
  4. In consultation with your advisor, plan courses toward your minor
  5. Meet regularly with your advisor to make revisions and stay on track

** All AAD courses are 4 credits unless otherwise noted.

*** This course is also taught online each term.
Requirements of the minor and availability of courses may change without notice.