University of Oregon

Arts and Administration Program

AAD Student Organizations

Emerging Leaders in the Arts Network (ELAN)

An affiliate of Americans for the Arts' Emerging Leaders Network and member of the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO), ELAN is a student-initiated organization committed to supporting prospective/continuing students and alumni by promoting constructive dialogue in the arts community and organizing events and collaborative relationships reflective of current students' interests. ELAN offers opportunities for students across disciplines to discuss, contemplate, explore, study, debate, and promote art, creativity, and culture and serves as a supplemental source of knowledge, exchange, and professional development, providing a forum for continued discussions generated in classrooms, lectures, jobs, internships, and life experiences.

Mission: ELAN is a student-run professional development organization at the University of Oregon that cultivates leadership, dialogue, and engagement within the arts and culture community.

Student Advisory Group (SAG)
The AAD Student Advisory Group (SAG) was established to provide students with an effective channel for offering input and feedback to faculty and staff on curricular and extracurricular matters within the program. Consisting of four representatives, two from the first-year cohort and two from the second, these representatives serve as liaisons between AAD faculty/staff and students, representing the expectations, evaluations, suggestions, and satisfactions of their peers, and acting as advocates for them in ongoing interactions with faculty. The SAG hopes this process will help strengthen the Program by opening up lines of communication among AAD community members.

Mission: The Student Advisory Group is dedicated to giving the students of the Arts and Administration Program a voice in the policies and procedures affecting their education. The SAG works to foster a positive environment within the Program by providing ongoing support to the student body and serving as a bridge between students and University faculty, staff, and administration.